Dr. Gupta is a long standing and well-respected member of our movement for social and economic justice. She has been on the forefront of the struggles of the impoverished and has been a long has been a strong advocate for human rights. Dr. Gupta’s expertise, experience and reliability have been vital to us and the movement for the social and economic justice around the world. Dr. Gupta is a person of high integrity and ethical standards. It has been truly an honor to work with her.

50 Years Is Enough
Vineeta is a fantastic leader and manager who brings strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and a wealth of knowledge and skills to her team. I was given the opportunity to grow, strengthen, and thrive under her mentorship. Working with her for five years has redefined my professional career. She is an inspiring and empowering leader with an amazing work ethic. She delivers consistently on her goals with quality and efficiency. Vineeta brings her passion and incredible insights to grassroots grant-making. Her knowledge of girls programming, human rights, and capacity building among other expertise is very well-respected. Grantee partners consistently shared their appreciation for Vineeta in helping their organizations become stronger, more efficient, and better managed.

Farah Anwar